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How To Clear Cache On Android Phone Without Difficulty

If you want to know about how to clear cache on android phone then read this full article. There are so many ways to clear cache from android devices. But today I will show you the best techniques, which you can use to clear cache on android.
By cleaning cache files from android your device will perform smooth and amazingly fast. This is the best tutorial to clean cache files from your android devices. Cleaning cache will also help you to remove errors from apps.

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Contents: How to clear cache on android phone?

  • What does it mean to clear cache on android phone?
  • What does clear cache do on the android phone?
  • Methods to clear cache on android phone.
  • What happens when you clear cache on android phone?
  • Best Android cache cleaner apps for android.
If you are thinking that should I clear cache on my android phone then you are at the right place, yes you should have to erase cache memory if necessary. There are lots of ways to clear cache from your android phone but I will show you easiest way. You can use apps or you can do manually to wipe cache data from the android phone.

How to clear cache on android phone?

1. ) What does it mean to clear cache and data on android phone?

Clear cache– Cache files will be removed by clearing cache from memory. It will not delete any personal data.
Clear data– Cleaning application data from an android device. It will wipe all the application data and reset application as new as it was first installed.
Don’t Get confused between cache data and application data. Those are different.

2.) What does clear cache do on android phone?

It will erase all the application and system cache from android devices.
Erase System Cache  – When you clear system cache from android device it will erase all the cached data. Along with settings, the configuration you made in the system.
  • Example: You have a list of call log on android device. When you perform clear system cache it will remove that call log list. But it will not remove any contacts from android device.
Understood How to clear cache on android phone if not then continue reading this post.
Erase Application cache – It will remove all the stored data which are stored in RAM while using that application.
  • Example: You are surfing facebook regularly via google chrome browser. The browser will save some information like page style, colors, CSS and other java scripts. Cache data help to load facebook faster. But it will not delete any other data.

3). How to clear app cache on android phone?

There is a simple and very easy way to wipe cache data on android device. I will also show you how to wipe cache data in this method.

Steps to Clear App Cache and data on android phone:

how to clear cache on android phone
  1. First Go into system setting on your android device.
  2. Search for the application menu and open it.
  3. Now select the application you want to erase data from it and tap on it to open apps setting.
  4. Click on clear cache option and tap on it. It will instantly erase your cache data on android device.
If you want to remove just application data then tap on erase data to delete all the data from the application.

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4). How to clear system cache on android phone?

Wiping system cache is not easy as wiping application cache data. If you are not sure how to wipe system cache then don’t follow these steps.
To Wipe system cache data you have to go into recovery menu. There are lots of ways to go into recovery menu of android device. You will have to find the right way for it. Just google it like “How to go into recovery mode (Your device name or model here). Found the right keys then follow below steps.

Steps To clear system cache on android phone:

how to clear cache on android phone
  1. Most common keys to go into the recovery mode is Volume up + Home + Power key.
  2. Hold Volume up+Home+Power Button at the same time.
  3. When the phone vibrates release the power button but not other buttons.
  4. Hold Volume Up+Home button until you see recovery menu on the screen.
  5. Now select wipe cache partition.
It will take some time but it will wipe all the system cache files from your android devices.

5). What happens when you clear cache and data on android phone?

Clear cache removes all the files which caches on android phone. The system also caches some data while using some of the inbuilt system application. When you will wipe cache data it will just remove cache data, not the application. cache data and application data are both different.

6). Best Android cache cleaner apps for android

Now let’s talk about what’s the advantages and disadvantages of clear cache.

Advantages of clearing cache

  • It will fix any broken application.
  • It will speed up your android device performance.
  • If any application is giving error then clearing cache will fix that error.
  • Don’t worry you will not loose any personal data.

Disadvantages of clearing cache

  • Some application may take time to open for the first time.
  • The risk to loose settings and configuration you made in that application.
Conclusion – It’s a little bit risky to clear cache on android device without knowing the perfect method. You can loose some personal data if you do it wrong. But at my opinion, you should try it because it will fix application issue.
Thanks for reading this post. If you have a problem in this article then please comment below and I will try to solve it.
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Android Marshmallow Features That You Definitely DON’T KNOW

Today I will share best android marshmallow features that you don’t know yet. Android is the most popular operating system nowadays because always google is trying to make an Android operating system more simple and convenient for you. So google launched the android marshmallow. This is the android 6.0 OS of the android. Today I will show you some of the best and unknown features of android marshmallow.
Android Marshmallow Features List
We all know about android 5.0 lollipop version and android 6.0 marshmallow. If you are thinking that I am going to compare these two android versions in this article then you are wrong. I am going to list down the features of android marshmallow which are not in another version of google android. So be ready and find out what’s new in android marshmallow.

6 Best Android Marshmallow Features Which You Don’t know 

1). Google Now on Tap

Google had introduced a new marshmallow feature that is called “Now On Tap”. In the old version of the Android you have to open the app to do tasks in Android device. But in android marshmallow, you are getting this “Google now on Tap Feature” which is quite simple and easy to use.
Android Marshmallow Features List
Example: If you want to open any app then just press the home button of your Android device and it will open google now on tap application. Now search anything you want. Let’s assume that now on tap is a search engine for Android devices.

What can you do with Now on Tap feature?

  • Open any app without going into the menu by pressing the just home button of android marshmallow device.
  • If You want to call someone, then just types or speak the name of that person and give the command to call.
  • Speak commands to send messages also.
  • You can open any third party app which was installed on your phone without going into the menu of android devices.

2). Reverse Charging

I know you are wondering what is reverse charging?. So, I will give you an example to understand the reverse charging process. Example: If you want to charge another device with your device which is running on a marshmallow, Then just connect one USB type-C point to your device and another point to another device and it will start charging that device.
This image is showing android marshmallow reverse charging feature
It’s not the best feature of google’s android marshmallow but it is cool, right?. But you will need to buy the cable which both sides have USB Type-C connectors. If Your device has not this feature then try to update latest android marshmallow version on your android device. BExause of this feature I listed this point in the list of Android Marshmallow Features.

3). Backup Apps Automatically

This is the one of the great feature if you don’t want to loose your data. Other Android versions have also backup services but that didn’t work out well. So google is trying to improve that backup feature into new Android devices.
Android Marshmallow Features
So They introduce the new backup feature in Android marshmallow. It will automatically backups your apps and application data on Google account. So you don’t have to worry about losing any Android application data. If you accidently uninstall your apps then just install and restore the data of that application.

4). Encryption

Android Marshmallow Features List

Question – What is Encryption?

Answer – The process to convert data into codes.

It’s very easy to understand right?. Nowadays every device needs encryption because of the android platform. Because android is open source program and any hacker can write code to steal your data from your devices very easily if you are using any third party apps without verifying it.
So google implemented this encryption feature in new android devices. So every data you send or receive will be secure and safe. This is one of the best android marshmallow features I like the most.

5). New text selection feature in Android marshmallow

Text selection has always been not so good in Android.(Text selection means copy & pasting text). So in this Android marshmallow features list, I am going to write about this text selection.
Text Selection Feature For Android Marshmallow devices
Forget all those popups when you select text to “copy-paste”. This new text selection feature will allow you to do some things which are listed below.

What can you do with text selection in new marshmallow version of android?

When you will select text it will give you options like copy, paste & select all but now it will also give you the option to search that text on the web search engine.
You can search for selected text in the search engine. Example – If you are reading an article about “which are the best application for android” and you selected text “Whatsapp” then it will ask you if you want to search this on the internet and will give you the best results about that word.
If you have google translate installed on your android device. Then you can also translate that selected text instantly intoany language.

6). Doze Battery Management Feature

If you are android lover then you will definitely know what’s important of your device’s battery power. Personally, I used so many apps which help to save power on standby mode but those didn’t work out well.
Doze Battery Management Feature For Android Marshmallow Devices
Most of the other devices which are not running on android marshmallow loose their battery percentage about 15-20% on standby but if you have a new android device which is running on the android marshmallow or if you have updated your android device to marshmallow then your battery will long last on standby mode. An Android device which is running on android marshmallow losses battery percentage about 3-4% overnight.
So these are the some of the best android marshmallow features. If you like this article then please share with your friends and family. If have any questions regarding this amazing features of android marshmallow then please comment below.

5 Free Games Without WiFi For Android

Playing android game is very common in these days. You can download free android games and paid android games from play store. But games like mortal combat, sniper 3d and much more requires wifi or cellular data to upgrade the game. So today I will show you some of the best games without wifi for android which you can play without any wifi data.

There are lots of games are available in the android play store, but nowadays there are much more games which require wifi data or cellular data to play this game. Today I will show you some of the best free games without wifi for android which you can play offline easily.

So here is the list of some of the best free games which you can play offline or without wifi and cellular data. These games will not ask you to download any data while playing games.

5 Free Games Without WiFi For Android

1). Asphalt 8: Airborne

Asphalt 8: Airborne is the racing video game which was developed by Gameloft company. This is the best and much popular android games at play store. You will get four controller options in this game like On screen controls, tap to steer, tilt to steer and “tilt and icons”. From these control options, I personally prefer to go with “tilt and icons” because in this you can accelerate manually from on screen and control steering by tilting device.

games without WiFi for android 2017

There is also a huge amount of cars option available like Chevrolet Camaro, GTA Spano, Ferrari and many great cars. You will get locations such as Tokyo, London, Dubai, and Monaco.You can get lots of enjoyment by playing this game. It is an offline game so you can play this without wifi or cellular data. So this is the best game without wifi for android which you can play offline.

 Download Link From play store

2). Alto’s Adventure

Alto’s adventure is endless snowboarding offline adventure game for Android devices. The character moves automatically from left to right side of the screen. You have to jump in the air to perform tricks. You will get coins for performing tricks while jumping.

games without wifi for android

This game will give you some goals to complete in period time and you will get some credits after completing these goals. It’s easy to play so I decided to put this game on the list of “games without wifi for android devices”.

Download Link From play store

3). Shadow Fight 2

Shadow Fight 2 is the one on one fighting game. You have to control positions and actions to fight, against your opponent. This game provides you lots of characters so you will not get bored. The levels are just awesome for fighting. You can upgrade your character from points and character.

games without wifi for android shadow fight 2

You will get points for combo actions. Your winning chances depend on your timing of actions. This game provides martial arts moves for fighting. Because of so many features, I decided to put this game on the list games without wifi for android. You will not need any cellular or WiFi data to upgrade your character or any weapon, you will just need coins.

Download Link From play store

4). Earn to Die 2

This is also one of the best game without wifi for Android devices. This game is based upon on a zombie apocalypse theme. It’s not the racing game, you have to drive vehicles on the road filled with zombies. You will get amazing vehicles in this android game. It’s the endless game where you have to drive through zombies to reach your safety point.

games without wifi for android earn to die 2

You will get coins after completing your levels and you can use those coins to upgrade your vehicles or to buy new vehicles. Because of new story mode, you will be able to drive through roads, broad highways, tunnels and factories which are filled with zombies. You just have to download this game once it will not ask you to download any data or upgrade while playing, It’s an awesome offline game for android.

Download Link From play store

5). Angry Birds Star Wars 2

This is the last best game without wifi for android devices in this list. Everyone had played angry birds once in their life right. This is a just awesome smash hit game. Where you have to target pigs and shoot them down. They have upgraded so many features in this game.

Free games without wifi and cellular data for android devices

Now you can join villains team in this version of a game. You can take the side of PIGS. You can now able to take commands of PIGS army. You can become JEDI or SITH MASTER after competing levels. You can unlock so many things in this game. You will be able to use teleportation also.

Download Link From play store

So these are the some of the best games which you can play offline. Don’t worry these games won’t ask you to download any data while playing a game.If you like these free “games without wifi for android” list then like and share this post with your friends and family.

If you want more list about free games without wifi for android then please comment below and I will write the second post about best free android games which you can play without wifi or cellular data on your android devices.